The Most Effective Audition Tips
For Any Audition!

Knowing what type of audition you're going to means 3 things...

  • You know how to prepare for it
  • What piece of text you're going to use and
  • What to expect when you get there

Most importantly it allows you to focus on showing your strengths as a performer!

But before we get started, here's some great advice from Bryan Cranston of hit TV show Breaking Bad...

What Information Do You Need?

Here at Beginners Guide To Acting you are given all the audition tips and advice on

Do You Know The Different Types Of Auditions?

There are several types of auditions all requiring different audition skills:

  • drama school
  •  theater auditions
  •  movie auditions
  •  TV auditions
  •  commercial auditions
  •  musical theater auditions
  •  agent auditions, and finally...
  •  open casting calls.

Great news for you!

All of them have similarities and cross over each other.

They all involve performing at least two pieces of text be it two monologues, a song and a monologue or a few pages of a short scene from a script called 'audition sides'.

So the only differences are the medium you use and have to perform.

How Do You Find Acting Auditions?

Whether you have an agent or not you should always be on the look out for acting work and auditions.

Sign yourself up to several casting websites, here are some examples to look at, some you have to pay for and some are free:

In the UK

In the USA

In Canada

In Australia

Most importantly for becoming a professional actor in the UK you have to join Spotlight for professional acting jobs, auditions and castings.

UK Agents will insist that you join as this is where all the big castings are for professional jobs.

You are also encouraged to join an acting union. In America you can join SAG-AFTRA. In Australia it's Actors Equity. The UK has Equity and Canada has CAEA.

Take note: You have to have professional acting training to be able to join!

How Will You Benefit From Using These Audition Tips?

It's simple really.....

Not only will you have an edge over the competition but

  • You'll know how to prepare for any type of audition
  • What to expect on arrival and in the audition room
  • How to deal with rejection and
  • What to do when you do get the part

Knowledge is power!

So if your serious about a career in acting, learning about auditions and how to practically apply these audition tips that will increase your chances of 'getting the part', I recommend that you do the following:

  • Read and re-read this advice. Book mark this page on audition tips so you can return to it easily and quickly.
  • Follow this guide on Choosing Audition Monologues which will add to your audition knowledge.
  • Navigate this website full of information written especially for you to start a career in acting.
  • Keep up to date every week with all the latest information with high quality links to sites sought out just for you to continually expand your acting knowledge.
  • Update your on-camera audition technique and take some classes with an audition coach. Explore how to audition for film and tv auditions by viewing your work on-camera, learn how to take direction and how to direct yourself when preparing and rehearsing at home.

Now let's find out how to prepare for any audition....

Can you recommend a casting website in your country? Post it in the comments section below.....

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