Top Tips
For Choosing Audition Monologues

Finding the right one can be a daunting process.

It shouldn't.

The hardest part is choosing a monologue that's right for you! "

Choose one (or two, or three!) that will show off your strengths as an actor.

Communicate your understanding of the character.

And demonstrate your acting skills.

The key to effectively find a monologue is to research the various genres applicable to you,

                             Dramatic, Comedic, Classical, Modern

                                        Men, Women and Teens.....

Fortunately for you there are hundreds of websites offering free monologues for different genders, different genres and different ages!

Don't Know Where To Start Or What Plays To Read?

Pearl of Wisdom

Always buy and read the whole play as movies aren't always

Watch a movie! A lot of movies these days were originally plays. A great resource to check is a website called

I love this site, it stocks everything from plays to musical theater scores. Not to mention, it's based in the UK and the USA!

In their search section, type in the name of the movie and see if it comes up. If it doesn't then it wasn't a play. If it does come up, then read the whole play!

Ask advice from a drama teacher at school or an acting coach that you take lessons with, what they can recommend for you.

Never Pick Audition Monologues From A Monologue Book

If there's one that you like then read the full play! Chances are that if you found a monologue there then so did everyone else.

Why would you want to perform an acting monologue that everyone else does and the director and casting director has seen a dozen times already?

Do yourself a favour, set yourself apart from the pack and pick one that's not very well known!

Find Something That Suits Your Age And Gender

There's no point in trying to do Macbeth if your only 18, that goes for Lady Macbeth too! It won't be believable and will show that you haven't done your research. Don't make things difficult for yourself.

What have you performed before or seen others of the same age and gender perform that you liked?

Keep it to one/two minutes, definitely no more than three. If an acting monologue you love is too long, trim it down to fit within two mins.

Take care not to cut out vital information! Cut details that aren't needed to understand where the character is emotionally in the text.

Make 'Em Laugh!

It doesn't have to hysterical but enough to elicit a giggle when they recognize something of themselves in it.

Great audition monologues that reside somewhere between dramatic and comedic (dramedy, if you will) are like gold dust. If you find one and it works for you, keep it and don't tell anyone!

Avoid doing any with a heavy use of strong or abusive language, you don't want the audition panel to feel uncomfortable or offended.

Remember: First Impressions count and first impressions last!

Since Acting Is Doing, Look For Monologues With An Action In Them...

For example, your character's action may be to seduce, to bargain or to encourage. What small subtle physical action could you add to this?

Actions engage the audience even if you're not speaking. It prevents the monologue from becoming a static speech.

Just for you here is a free list of action verbs for actors or you can buy a complete list from Amazon.

Fancy Writing Your Own Audition Monologues?

Be careful! If you can't find a monologue that you like you might be tempted to write your own.

You really need to be able to write extremely well. What you think is a brilliant piece might come across as amateur to others.

If you want to learn how to write, take a creative writing class!

Perform Original Monologues

Don't perform monologues from plays that the director has done in the past 
if you know who the director is.

Why? Sucking up to them won't impress them!

Nor will you be able to compete with the performance of previous actors they have directed if they have good memories of it.

Dialects - Should You Or Shouldn't You?


An audition is a job interview.

Picking a great monologue is just as important as performing it.

Choose wisely!

Avoid doing specific dialects unless the part really calls for it.

If you do it badly it will become the focus of the performance and no one will be concentrating on your acting.

You'll be known as 'the actor that did the bad accent'. It's distracting!

Most monologues can be done with your own accent anyway and if you want to learn how to do an accent, do it right an take an acting class or buy a Dialects CD online from, search for dialects and you'll find Paul Meier.

More recently though, Voice coach Catherine Weate has launched The Real Accent App USA...

The first in a series of ‘Voice Coach In Your Pocket’ apps for actors focusing on accents across the world.

Read more about her here in our Acting Blog.

Coming Soon!    Links to free audition monologues...

Monologues for Women             Monologues for Men

Dramatic Monologues                Comedic Monologues

Shakespeare Monologues         Classical Monologues

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