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Let's cover the basic first steps of getting started, for example, how to become an actor for absolute beginners...

Where Do You Start?

  • Join an extras agency and do some background acting to see what it's really like on a film/TV set

  • Take an acting class that offers basic acting lessons, don't worry......You'll be starting at the same level as everyone else

  • Join an amateur stage group and start ' treading the boards ',  follow the advice on how to audition, getting your first part and what to expect...
  • Explore acting training, for when you've decided to further your education. Did you just ask ' Why Do I Need Training?'. Put simply...If you don't have these skills, your inexperience will show.
  • Learn how to prepare for auditions, choose audition monologues, what to expect at auditions and how to deal with rejection. It's the most overlooked skill in a performer's handbook on how to become an actor.
  • Discover the essential marketing tools for every working actor. Remember...You are your own self-employed business, your own 'Brand of One'. This means being equipped with the right marketing tools to sell yourself, get your face seen and your name known. Treat yourself like a small business.

It's so easy, you can't go wrong.

Welcome To Your Beginner's Guide To Acting

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One question I'm always asked is  ' Why did you
  want to
  become an
                      actor? '

Read here to find out...

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